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Inositol also known as cyclohexanol six alcohol, with the molecular formula as (CHOH) 6, is a kind of water soluble fat-in Vitamin B in white crystalline powder. It is widely distributed in animals and plants as the growth factor to animals and microbial. It was firstly isolated from the heart and liver and is now extracted from corn in industrial manufacturing. Inositol can promote the metabolism of cells, contribute to body development and increase appetite. In medicine and health care, it is used for the treatment of liver fat disease, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver, high blood cholesterol . It is extensively applied in the food and feed industry.

Application in Aquatic Feed 

In aquatic animal breeding, inositol used as vitamin added in feed, can improve the feed efficiency, speed up the growth of fish, and promote fat metabolism in the liver and other tissues, so to increase the growth speed by more than 10%.

A. Application in fish culture
Inositol as the essential nutrients for fish and the indispensable low molecular organic matters especially to aquatic animals of the commercial value plays an important role to maintain the normal physiological functions. After being absorbed by fish, inositol exists in liver and serum, can improve the activity of cholinesterase, which helps the   digestion of starch and increase the body weight. Insufficient intake of inositol will cause fish to grow slowly and suffer from anemia and fin rot. 

B. Application in shell feed
Studies show that as the growth promoter, inositol can improve growth of shrimps and river crabs.

C.  Insufficient inositol intake causes many diseases

Many research results show that great harms happen to the animals, especially when aquatic animals when they are in lack of inositol. Anorexia and slow digestion will happen to red trout in lack of inositol that makes intrahepatic triglycerides increase and make total phosphatide quality decline. Carp will have skin lesions, suffer from pathological changes and grow slow in lack of inositol.  

Inositol promoted the survival rates and weight gaining rates of Japanese parrot fish, sea bass and gram while, cases of rot fins, poor growth and increased death rate happened in lack of inositol.  
Suitable amount of inositol added to the feed can increase the use of fat in feed to young carp and improve the feed value. Adding inositol in goldfish breeding can obviously improve the swimming ability of goldfish. 

Application in livestock feed

A. Inositol as a biological promotor in the feed industry, is used in high-grade livestock feed to enhance the digestive tract contraction, promote gastric dynamics, and help digestion and absorption of food.


In lack of inositol, higher grade animals tend to stop growth, lose hair, suffer from dermatitis and are led to other symptoms like slow food digestion and absorption and the body physiological disorders. 

B. Inositol with the function of multi-vitamins, can adjust the metabolism of dairy cows, promote the synthesis and secretion of milk, help to improve the digestion , absorption and utilization of nutrients in feed. It is slightly sweet to improve feed palatability, thus it can improve the feed intake and milk production the cows.  

C. Inositol can improve the contents of milk fat, milk protein and lactose. 

D. In the United States, in order to make dogs grow in health way and reduce disease cases, a suitable amount of inositol is added in dog food. The dosage of inositol 2 ~ 4 mg per 10 kg of body weight.

E. Inositol can promote growth of mink fur to make it luster and bright. Mink fur shedding disease is due to the lack of inositol in the diet. Mink in disease lose guard hair and fur and even to become naked in lack of inositol .As it happened during the breeding season the normal breeding will be badly affected, and in the season for leather, lacking inositol will seriously affect the skin quality. Death will happen if it is wrongly treated. 

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