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Millet is one of the main grain foods of the people in north China. The nutritional value of millet grain is very high, with 13.8 grams of protein per 100 grams. In addition to high protein, fat and vitamins are also essential.Compared with other grains, the contents of carotene, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 in millet are much higher. 


Because Kulun millet does not need to be refined, it preserves a lot of inorganic salts and is beneficial to the human body. Kulun Millet is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, fiber, starch, etc., which can replenish a large number of required elements and energy for the human body.

Kulun millet, due to its unique geographical and climatic conditions, contains more abundant iron and trace elements than ordinary millet. Complex vitamin Bs, calcium, potassium, cellulose and starch are also rich in Kulun Millet. Eating Kulun millet is beneficial to many aspects of human health according to Chinese Medicine Theory:

1. Nourishing Spleen and Stomach
The main effect of millet is to strengthen the spleen and stomach. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that eating millet is very beneficial cure diarrhea, vomiting and dyspepsia. 


2. Tonifying Kidney

Cereals play roles of nourishing kidney but millet plays the best among cereals having strong effect of tonifying kidney and replenishing vitality.


3. Calming Nerves
Boiled Millet porridge can enhance the function of the small intestine, having the effect of nourishing the mind and calming the nerves. Millet also plays a role of a sedative taken as a health-care food for improving sleeping conditions.  Chinese doctors often let   patients suffering insomnia  use millet porridge instead of sleeping tablets.


4. Keeping Young
Millet can effectively reduce wrinkles, spots and pigmentation, so it is particularly suitable for the ladies in pursuit of therapeutic beauty. 


6. Reliving Bad Breath
Millet can relieve bad breath, reduce bacteria growth in the mouth, and cure beriberi, neuritis and toady disease. 


Nutrition & Function

Cooking Methords:


1. Cooking like rice;

2. Making bread, cakes and noodles

after grinding it to flour;

3. Making Millet Congee.  

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