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The Functional Fructose and Glucose produced by the company are of new sugar sources made from refined corn starch or algae through biological enzyme engineering, which are the substitutes to sugar. These products have the characteristics of low sweetness, heat and good taste. Eating functional fructose or glucose can continuously provide energy for the body, maintain the level of blood sugar, avoid the concentration of blood and the production of lactic acid in the blood, make the insulin response stable, and can rapidly increase the body's endurance and work ability. Used in pastries, they can inhibit starch aging, keep water and oil in preservation, and can resist protein denaturation and oil rancid. Used in cosmetics, they can moisturize skin, improving the skin anti-freeze ability, inhibit body odor, protect the activity of SOD for anti-aging and can resist OH radical from alpha and beta rays so to resist radiation.  


The applied fields of these products: 
Bakery Foods, Cakes, Biscuits, Pastries, Soft Drinks, Dairy Drinks, Solid Beverage, Dairy Milk, Formula Milk, Yogurt, Icecream, Cheese,Candy, Chewing Gum, Soft Candies, Jelly Healthy Foods, Protein Powder, Chewing Tablets, Oral Liquid, Foods for Special Dietary Uses, Daily Chemical Field, Make-up Remover Cream and Other Clinical Nutrition Drug.