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Taking Full Care of Customers as Our Own Babies; Servicing the Mums and the babies with Honesty and Conscientiousness!

With the improvement of Chinese family living standards and the impact of consumption upgrading, high-end paper for maternal and child families has become a consumption hotspot in the paper market in recent years,  with product quality and consumption experience are listed at the top choice.On the one hand, consumers are more strict in judging the safety factor and raw material composition of products when choosing paper towels. On the other hand, the flexibility of paper towels and applicable ocsasions are also proposed withhigher requirements.


CAREDAILY that GOLDMONTE cooperates with diapers,  developed the first market segment for soft tissue segment in the industry in 2016 taking advangate of the opportunity of consumption upgrading. It redefine household paper,adopting specific PH formula to diapers concentrating at uniquely comfortable, light  and flexible experience according to baby's skin characteristics. The company is now leading the development trend of maternal and infant high-end paper products with a large number of accurate users and the market sales volume going first in market.From the product research and development design to the raw material selection to the production manufacture, the company is doing the best to make babies safe and comfortable in care. Secondly, the company choose the global high-quality original wood pulp, and conduct hundreds of matching experiments to upgrade the paper's flexibility by 2-3 times. In addition, the most state-of-art technology is taken to make the company produce the best products far beyond the industry standards.s.