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Vegetables contain a variety of minerals, vitamins and food fiber, which play an important role in the physiological activities of the human body. Vegetables can provide a variety of minerals and vitamins, many of the nutrients our bodies need are from the intake of vegetables.


Vegetables play an irreplaceable role in life. They can neutralize gastric acid and contain abundant cellulose, which is conducive to promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, promoting digestion and preventing constipation. In addition, vegetables provide the body with vitamin C, carotene, minerals and dietary fiber. Vegetable contains cellulose, hemicellulose, this quality and pectin, etc., which are not hydrolyzed by human digestive enzymes. Partially, they may prevent or reduce the absorption of cholesterol. So eating more fresh vegetables can prevent atherosclerosis.


The vegetable in supply are mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, celery, Chinese chives, peas, wax gourd, cucumbers, green pepper, and green soya beans, etc. Supplied vegetable in forms are FD fruits, frozen fruits, fresh frtuis cannned fruits; FD vegetable, frozen vegetable, fresh vegetable and canned vegetable, etc.

With years of worldwide marketing, Gold Monte has gained its sustainable ability in cross-country supplychain. We leverage our integrated distribution capabilities to deliver our fruits and vegetables from the farm to our customers at the right freshness and flavor.


We manage every step of the quality control and food safety processes from farm to store in each process from growing, picking-up to transportation. No chemical fertilzers are applied in growing period; no pesticide is used in care period; no ripener is applied for fast ripeness; no polishing wax is applied for good outlook, and no anticeptic agent is applied in store and transportation. With all these efforts put in, all of our operations are certified against internationally recognized third party standards.

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Frozen Vegetable

FD Vegetable