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Healthy Beef

Healthy Mutton


Making Reliable Food Safty the Order of God; Building a Safe Product Line from Raw Materials, Processing, Marketing to Tables!

Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang autonomous regions of China far from industrialization are the most important sources of the safe and clean Beef and Mutton with the vast prairie areas. Gold Monte is now cooperating with the local government and reputable merchants to ensure that the meat products are reliable in quality and safety from breeding, health care, fattening and slaughtering to ransportation and storage in the whole industrial chain so as to be proud in delivering the best beef and mutton products to the customer's tables.

On the resource policy, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China are taken as the domestic sourcing bases and Japan, Australia, France, USA and Canada are taken as the leading resources of imported beef. On the market policy, East China is taken as the dominating market radiating into South China, North China and Central China. International market is fixed at Russia in Eastern Europe, the united Arab emirates (UAE) in the Middle East market and Malaysia in Southeast Asia market.