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Seafoods, tasting delicious and being nutritious, have become "regular dishes" on the table. In addition to the delicious taste and smooth mouthfeel of shellfish, the nutritional value and the characteristics of high protein and low fat make many  ladies particularly fond of them.


Rregular taking seafoods leads to many benefits: according to nutrition experts in the United States, seafoods, including fish, shrimp, crab and shellfish, should be an indispensable part of People's Daily diet. Nutritionist Dr. Rick Schroeder reported in the latest issue of the journal of the American Medical Association. He said middle-aged and elderly people, especially women, should eat more seafoods. The unsaturated fatty acids in seafoods can reduce low-density cholesterol in the blood and prevent blood clotting, thus reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke in the elderly. Modern medical research also found that shellfish also have a certain anti-cancer effect.


Researchers from Kansai Medical University in Japan confirmed through animal experiments that the cause of pancreatic cancer is closely related to selenium deficiency in the body. Meanwhile, frequent consumption of fish and shellfish can prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer, because these foods are rich in selenium, so frequent consumption of shellfish has a special role in preventing the occurrence of cancer. In addition to its benefits in reducing the risk of some diseases, shellfish are also good for babies. Seafoods like shell products can provide baby with rich nutrients, protein, calcium and iron, trace minerals, cholesterol and so on. When babies start eating normal foods, grated shellfish and seafoods can provide them with a large amount of the nutrients they need at this stage.


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