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Marine Mollusks are rich in trace elements, such as sea cucumber, jellyfish, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and other mollusks. These seafoods are rich in essential trace elements, especially iron, zinc and selenium, which are easily deficient in human body. The content of the trace elements in Mollusks is several times or even dozens of times higher than other animal foods.


The marine mollusks in Gold Monte's operation are sea cucumber, jellyfish, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, etc. 

               Sea Cucumber


It is listed as one of the "eight treasures of seafood", with warm and sweet nature, it has the effect of tonifying kidney, nourishing blood and moistening dryness. Sea cucumber has high nutritional value but low level of cholesterol content, having been always taking as a nourishing treasure. A large number of studies have also confirmed that sea cucumber has a high medicinal value, especially suitable for tumor auxiliary and tonic therapy. The antifungal efficiency of the saponins extracted from sea cucumber is 88.5%, which is the first kind of antifungal saponins found in the animal kingdom.



Jellyfish contains rich nutrients and according to the experiment results, the nutrients contained in per 100 grams of jellyfish are- protein 12.3 g, carbohydrate 4g,  calcium 182 mg,  iodine 132 mg not to mention multivitamins. Jellyfish is also a good medicine. According to Chinese Medicine, jellyfish functions in clearing heat, detoxification, dissolving phlegm, loweing blood pressure and detumescence. 


Jellyfish Efficacy
Lowering blood pressure, preventing arteriosclerosis, clearing heat and resolving phlegm, treating bronchitis, asthma, gastric ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis, preventing and treating tumors.


1. Squid is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron, which is conducive to bone development and hematopoietic, and can effectively treat anemia;
2. Squid is rich in protein and amino acids needed by the human body, besides, squid also contains a lot of bezoar acid, which can inhibit the cholesterol content in the blood, relieve fatigue, restore vision, and improve liver function;
3. Its polypeptide and selenium have antiviral and anti-radiation effects.


1. Octopus is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin C and other nutrients. It has the effect of nourishing blood, activating milk, detoxifying and generating muscle. Main indications: blood deficiency, lack of milk in postnatal condition,  ulcer for long.
2. Octopuses enhance male sexual function because of their high levels of arginine, an essential ingredient in sperm formation.
3. Octopuses can enhance learning and memory, slow aging, inhibit bacteria and tumors, reduce heart rate, and prevent gastric ulcers.

4. The octopus is rich in bezoar acid, the content of which is much higher than that of ordinary meat.5. Octopus can beautify and lose weight- the octopus is rich in collagen, which reduces fine lines on the skin, making it smoother and more elastic.

It has high nutrition value and medicinal value.  According to test result, each 100 grams of flesh contains-13 grams of protein, only 0.7 grams of adipose, not to mention necessary elements for human health like carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorous, and iron, etc. it is a nourishing food with high protein and low adipose. It is worth mentioning that it is the ideal health food for women to shape their bodies and maintain their skin. Cuttlefish's shell contains calcium carbonate, shell cutin, mucus, and a small amount of sodium chloride, calcium phosphate, and magnesium salt. The ink juice of Cuttlefish contains mucopolysaccharide, which has been proved to have certain anti-cancer effect on mice. 

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