Gold Monte Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


Taking Full Care of Customers as Our Own Babies; Servicing the Mums and the babies with Honesty and Conscientiousness!

All the businesses of Gold Monte are carried out with a people-oriented philosophy, especially in the maternal and child care products. The company strives to provide the best care products for postpartum mothers, so as to help them quickly recover physical strength and body shape and regain the beauty in the past. With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing emphasis on scientific and healthy aesthetics, Gold Monte post-natal rehabilitation products, a brand new product series dedicated to women's health and beauty, are contributing to the worldwide postnatal mothers.


Most contemporary urban women have a more open vision and fashionable healthy life concept, paying special attention to the quality of life after delivery with full of expectations for health and beauty. In order to meet the requirements of this kind of beautiful women to regain their beauty in the past, Gold Monte with its subsidiary-Fashion-all Baby & Mum Products Co., Ltd researched and developed a variety of beautifying and care products for the postnatal mothers concentrating on the slightest hope of the mothers  to repay them with former beauty and the ever-brilliant in time after they made the greatest contribution to human.


Napkined Shorts

Hidig Napkin

Disposable Anti-overflow Pad

Intimacy Napkin


Aqua Skin Moisturizing Mask


Graphene Sheet