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Kulun Buckwhear

Kulun Millet

Healthy Beef

Chinese Herbs

Fatty Acid Calcium

Feed-grade Inositol

Making Reliable Food Safty the Order of God; Building a Safe Product Line from Raw Materials, Processing, Marketing to Tables!

Gold Monte has always pursuing the concept that offering the best quality of food to the customers based on the healthy agriculture resources. Except for the products for retailers, Gold Monte contributes much with its agri-produces like special cereals, commercial crops, livestock products, dried fruits & vegetable, flavors, medicinal materials, native and subsidiary products, etc.


In Gold Monte's developing courses, the magic key for its development and strength is that Gold Monte has preponderate agricultural resources in the world and maintains good relationships with the major countries. Gold Monte deals with agri-produces like Bordeaux wines in France, quality nuts from South America, mysterious herbs from India, Australian sheep products and minerals, Canadian ice wines, Chinese magic buckwheat, Chinese caterpillar fungus and so on, the business success to which comes from the fact that Gold Monte has maintained rich and close social relations in different countries and the following resourcing relations wherefrom. Main agricultural and livestock products are, Kulun Buckwheat and Kulun Millet from Inner Mongolia; Imported Beef from Japan, France, Australia, Canada; Dried Fruits & Vegetable; Economic Crops like Sesame & Peanuts and Feed Additives etc.