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The Best Quality of Life from Drinking—the Best Juice Contains the Best Health Power!  

Gold Monte's Juice Concentrates and Puree Concentrates are prepared from Non-GMO fruits that have been carefully chosen for freshness, proper ripeness and quality. Fruits from all over the world can be processed into juice concentrate and puree concentrate here at Gold Monte, like tropcal fruits, subtropical fruits and temperate fruits. The brix for juice concentrate is between 50-70 Brix and for puree concentrate it is between 20-32 Brix based on the viraties of the fruits. These concentrates are natural products with no preservatives, sugars, coloring or artificial flavors added, being made with processes as of long washing, multi-stage spray, select, smash, extract, pasteurization and concentration. They are of original fruit flavors and aroma when diluted to 10 Brix.


Product specifications and packaging can be adjusted to customer’s orders, including private brand packaging. 


Gold Monte's Juice concentrates and puree concentrates are of multifunctional products with wide applications for food services, beverage and retail industries.