Gold Monte Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


Taking Full Care of Customers as Our Own Babies; Servicing the Old and the Illed with Honesty and Conscientiousness!

In 2018, Gold Monte entered adult care market with adult diapers for the incontinent patients allowing them to enjoy their old age with comfort and pleasure! Gold Monte pays attention to the field of incontinent adult care, and has obtained multiple qualification certifications with strict quality control, and has been praised by many consumers for its reliable quality. The company has the export qualification of exporting to all over the world, supplying to various hospitals and nursing homes and other institutions for a long time.

With years of experience in marketing and research and development, three core technologies have been developed for adult care diapers:
1. Double deodorization technology
Through the application of imported deodorizing, bacteriostatic and absorbent polymers and nano technology from Japan, Gold Monte creates antibacterial and deodorizing SAP, which can effectively avoid bacterial reproduction. Added enzyme inhibits the decomposition of urea, and reduces the formation of ammonia to reduce skin stimulus.

2. Personalized customization

 "elastic large ears"Waist stickers in Elastic Large Ear shape, high elastic magic hooks,  and double elastic waist bands with tensile force four times more to common products are applied in more according with human body engineering design.
3. T - type whole butt care structure
Gold Monte adult diapers in T - type structure enrich the cotton core structure with double anti-leakage edges to ensure macro urine absorption.


Aldult Care Shorts Gold

Aldult Care Shorts Silver