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Functional Supplements Gold Monte offers include: 


1. Function Adjustment/Lifting Agent

It refers to health food with one or more of 27 functions.27 functions include: enhancing immunity, providing auxiliary protection against radiation hazards, improving sleep, increasing bone density, relieving physical fatigue, providing auxiliary protection against chemical liver injury, improving tolerance to hypoxia, relieving visual fatigue, removing acne, removing chloasma, improving skin moisture, improving skin oil, reducing blood lipids, blood sugar, blood pressure, protecting gastric mucosa, resisting oxidation, improving memory, promoting lead removal, clearing pharynx, promoting lactation, losing weight, improving growth and development, improving nutritional anemia, regulating intestinal flora, promoting digestion, facilitating defecation.


2. Nutritional Supplements

It refers to products that are intended to supplement vitamins and minerals rather than to provide energy. Its function is to supplement the insufficiency of dietary supply, prevent nutrient deficiency and reduce the risk of some chronic degenerative diseases. Nutritional supplements may consist of amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, or only one or more vitamins. It can also be made up of one or more dietary components, in addition to amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients; it can also be made up of herbs or other plant components, or concentrate, extracts or compositions of the above ingredients.


Bilberry Anthocyanin

Blackcurant Anthocyanin




Goji Extract