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Chinese Herbs

Kulun Millet

Kulun Buckwheat

Making Reliable Food Safty the Order of God; Building a Safe Product Line from Raw Materials, Processing, Marketing to Tables!

In the Native Specialties, Gold Monte offers the Special Cereals and Herbs. The special cereals are Kulun Buckwheat and Kulun Dry-land Millet produced in Kulun, Inner Mongolia. Grown in the special areas, the nutrition and health care components of these two products are sufficient, which are the rare health-care food that can not be found at will.  In addition to a kind of common foods, these two products also contain functional ingredients to improve human immunity, such as buckwheat Fagopyritol, rutin, selenium and other trace elements, which have significant health care functions.


With regards to Herbs, in hands with herbal medicine players in China and other countries, Gold Monte is providing clients with such series products as magistral herbal pieces, monotherapy herbal pieces, factory-feeding herbal pieces, healthy herbal pieces, herbal plasters and other products with various specifications including herbal pieces in small packages as required by different clients. Adhering to the business d of “ Medicine for curing with the value beyond gold ”, Gold Monte regards the quality of herbal medicine processing and herbal decoction pieces production as the core elements to strive to supply the quality herbal medicine to customers.  


To enrich product varieties, Gold Monte works together with other herbal manufacturers like those from India and Sri Lanka to meet all needs of all customers with the most abundant supplement. The products are sold to excellent proprietary Chinese medicine factories, hospitals and chain drugstores nationwide and exported to such countries and regions as Korea, Japan, the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan etc.