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The Pigments produced by the company are all natural plant-based pigments. Colors are added to the food to improve its sensory properties. Different from synthetic pigments, natural pigments are not only harmless, but also have certain nutrition and even pharmacological effects. At present, developing natural pigment and using natural pigment instead of synthetic pigment has become the development trend of food and cosmetics industry.

Gold Monte’s pigments are derived from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of natural plants, which are generally used as sensory characteristic improver for drinks, alcoholic drinks, cakes, candies and medicines. Most of these products are anthocyanins, carotenoids and flavonoids, which are biological active substances and functional effective ingredients in plant medicine and health foods. In the application to healthy foods, this kind of plant pigment can respectively play an auxiliary role in enhancing human immune function, anti-oxidation and lowering blood lipid. In the ordinary food some may display the auxiliary function in nutrition enhancement and the anti-oxidation function. In order to protect the health of customers, the company has been adhering to the following principles in the application of natural pigments:
1. Selects internationally recognized natural pigments;
2. Applies color blending to the foods that can be colored, recognized by all countries;
3. The amount of added pigment should be lower than the maximum content of the limited amount.


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