Gold Monte Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


Every Drop Makes You Feel so Matchless — Satisfied to Be more Healthy!

Here at Gold Monte, a traditional health-care drink, tea, is emphasized with its obvious effects as below:

Anti-oxidation and anti-aging: tea has very strong effects of anti-oxidation and scavenging free radicals; Anti-radiation: tea contains polyphenols, fatty acids, vitamin C which take joint role of anti-radiation. In addition, tea can also enhance immunity, prevent dental caries, lower blood pressure, reduce blood lipids, prevent cardiovascular diseases, sterilize and diminish inflammation, eliminate thirst, relieve heat and refresh spirit, and prevent cancer and resist mutation. Giving full play to the advantages of network in sourcing and operating with major tea producers from China, India, Sri Lanka, Gold Monte began the special operations in tea production, processing, sales, esearch and tea-cultural propaganda. Gold Monte also sells the Tea Tools made by the famous tea manufacturers. Gold Monte tea has gone for the retails and food services of the United States, Canada, Africa, Australia, Japan,Singapore and other countries and regions in different marketing channels. 

All the tea products are from the famous Tea Regions that are the beautiful sceneries with reputations as "the plant kingdom" and  "hometown of tea", such as, Anxi, Hangzhou and Pu-erh of China; Ruhana, Nuwara and Eliya of Sri Lanka; Dimbla, Golden Darjeeling, Assam and Dooars of India, etc. The regional ecological environment conditions in these places are very superior, most of which are in the nature reserves with forested perimeter and four-season evergreen. The vegetation coverage rates are all as high as 90% above. The ecosystem in these places is well balanced with the strong power of harm self-control and water, soil and air are clean without any pollution.Teas in operation are-White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Scented Tea, Oolong Tea, Dark Tea and Brick Tea.


Black Tea

White Tea

Woolon Tea

Green Tea

Dark Tea

Jasmine Tea