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White tea is a kind of tea without fermentation or rolling. It has natural fragrance, among which silver needle pekoe is the most valuable. The characteristic is that it is covered with white fuzz in silver flower lustre. White tea soup color is slightly yellow and it is sweet with mellow taste.The main production areas are located in in fuding county and zhneghe county Fujian province China India's Golden darjeeling.


GOLD MONT's tea factories are all located in a natural mountainous area far from the city, insulated from pollution, and the entire growing and picking process of tea leaves is free from the use of fertilizers, pesticides and chemical additives, loyally taking good care of consumers' health.

         Nutrition Value:
White tea rich in dihydromyricetin and other flavonoids natural substances can protect the liver, accelerating the rapid 
decomposition of ethanol metabolite acetaldehyde into non-toxic substances and reducing the damage to liver cells.








1. White tea + white sugar: may eliminate the  white tea's effect
2. Suitable for: People with poor immunity, poor stomach function, and those in lack of calcium and iron. 
3. Contraindication: liver patients, patients with urinary stones, patients with fever, the pregnant and lactating women.







1. Avoid long time boiling and the boiling temperature should be controlled at about 90 degrees Celsius.
2. The first boiling time is about five minutes, and the second time is about three minutes.  Drink the tea soup up as soon as possible.
3. Dringking overnight tea soup is prohibited.

Product Efficacy


White tea has good medicinal properties. It has the functions of anti-alcohol, clearing heat and moistening lung,  antiphlogistic and detoxifying, reducing blood fat and fatigue. Especially for people in unwell condition due to excessive smoking, alcohol and 
fatty meat, it has distinctive health care effect.

1. Curing Measles
White tea plays roles in anti-cancer, anti-heat, detoxification, curing toothache, especially old white tea can be used as antipyretic for children with measles.
2. Improving blood  glucose balance.
In addition to the inherent nutrients of other tea leaves, white tea also contains active enzymes necessary for human body. Long-term drinking white tea can significantly improve the activity of lipase in the body to promote fat catabolism, effectively controlling insulin secretion, decomposing excess sugar in the blood, and keeping blood sugar in balance.
3. Diuretic detoxification.
The main component of alkaloids in white tea is theobromine accounting for about 3%-5%, and also contains a small amount of  theophylline, which has a bitter and irritating taste, the special flavor of tea. Caffeine has a refreshing, diuretic, detoxifying, vasodilating and other effects.
4. Protect the cardiovascular system.
Tea polyphenols rich in white tea can protect and repair erythrocyte deformability and boost immunity.Theanine in white tea is decomposed in the human liver into Ethylamine, which can make the secretion of interferon of  immune cells in human blood increases by 5 times. So drinking white tea in long term can improve the body's resistance to disease so to enhance immunity.
5. In addition, white tea can protect liver and improve eyesight.

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