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Making Food Safty the first Life Cruciality ; Taking Health Protection as the Fundamental Principle to Obey in all Industrial Activities !   

The hazard of pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables is shocking. According to statistics, in recent years, there have been many cases of intake of pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables nowadays due to accidental ingestion. According to statistics of relevant departments, food poisoning caused only by pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables is more than 10,000 cases every year. Studies have shown that the pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables will cause chronic poisoning through long-term accumulation and retention in the human body, which is more terrible than acute poisoning. This chronic poisoning from biological concentration and residues on fruits and vegetables threats human health, leading to many chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, liver diseases, cancer and so on.  What is more difficult to think and prevent is that the accumulation of pesticides in the human body will also be passed on to the next generation through pregnancy and lactation, which will harm the health of future generations.Based on the health of ordinary people and focusing on food safety, Gold Monte has worked with universities in Taiwan and the United States to develop a highly efficient pesticide detoxification product -- natural pesticide detoxification powder-Gold Monte Pesticide Cleaner. It is made with a special technology of ionization combining with the latest developed glutamate fermentation technology, generating the resolvable polymers that completely strengthen the activity and covering power of calcium ions to combine rapidly with molecular structure of pesticides and transform. This effect is far better than the various cleaning products on the market.


This product has passed the examinations by international organizations like SGS, FDA of, Taiwan and the United States, recognized with the resolution that this product has reliable complete degradation effects to organochlorine pesticide, organic phosphorus and amino formic acid salts. And in the degration testing by the Comprehensive Testing Center of "the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China", this product passed with one hundred percent of the degradation rate to 666, DDT and other pesticides. It is a safe pesticide residue degrader to use in daily life and fruit & vegetable industry.



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