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Gold Monte's Sweeteners can sweeten foods, improve food quality to meet customers' demands for high sweetness and low calorie, and have the characteristics of high safety, good taste, high stability, good water solubility and reasonable pricing. The main roles of GOLD MONTE sweeteners in food are as follows:
(1) Improving taste-sweetness is one of the indicators of many foods, a certain amount of sweetener are added into the foods and drinks to make them taste palatable;
(2) Adjusting and enhancing  flavors-sweet taste is generally required in cakes;In the beverage, there is one item as of flavor adjustment is "the sugar-acid ratio". Sweeteners keep the products in good flavor while retaining fresh flavor.
(3) Formating flavors-Sweetness and the flavors of many foods complement each other. The flavors of many products are generated by the combination of flavor substances and sweeteners.


Gold Monte's high-sweetness sweeteners have the advantages of high sweetness, low calorie, low risk of dental caries and high safety. Moreover, these sweeteners are mostly non-saccharide substances, which are not controlled by insulin in the metabolic process and will not cause obesity and increase in blood pressure. Therefore, they are suitable for diabetics and obese patients to eat as sweet substitutes. GOLD MONTE sweetener s are applied to the following food fields:ice drinks, pickles, complex seasonings, preserves, prepared wine, ice cream, ice cream, popsicles, cakes, biscuits, and bread, etc.



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