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In soil protection, Gold Monte offers two products-Functional Organic Fertilizer and Soil Reformer.

Functional Organic Fertilizers

The functional organic fertilizers supplied by Gold Monte is the one that contains organic matters, providing a variety of inorganic and organic nutrients to crops, which can be used to fertilize soil. Gold Monte's functional fertilizers can solve the problems such as low bad soil fertility, imbalanced soil nutrients, soil consolidation and acidification of cultivated land, and excessive heavy metals in some areas due to long-term excessive and unreasonable application of chemical fertilizer on agricultural lands. The rational use of functional fertilizers is an effective measure to reduce energy consumption, cultivate soil fertility, strengthen agricultural resilience, promote high yield and stable production of crops, and maintain a virtuous cycle of agricultural ecology. Functional fertilizers are the storehouses of plant nutrients. They have strong fertilizer conservation ability to activate the potential nutrients in the soil, improve and fertilize the soil.


The roles of Gold Monte functional fertilizers 

A. Nuritional effects:

1. Functional fertilizers are a direct source of mineral nutrition to plants. Functional fertilizers contain a variety of large amounts and trace elements necessary for plant growth and development.

2. Functional fertilizers can improve various organic nutrients.


B. Effects on improving soil fertility:

Application of functional fertilizers plays an important role in maintaining and improving soil fertility.

1. Increasing rganic matters in the soil

2. Improving soil structure

3. Improving soil biological activity

4. Improving the effectiveness of soil nutrients


Soil Conditioner 

The soil conditioner by Gold Monte is a natural and semi-synthetic water-soluble polymer product, which is mainly processed from straw, polysaccharide, cellulose, lignin and other materials. Soil conditioner works by binding many small soil particles together to form large, water-stable aggregates. It is widely used in preventing soil erosion, reducing soil moisture evaporation or excessive transpiration, saving irrigation water and promoting healthy growth of plants.


Organic Fertilizer for Fruits and Vegetable

Organic Fertilizer only for Fruit Trees

Release-controlled Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer only for Field Crops

Microbial Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer only for Vegetable

Soil Conditioner