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Microbiological Fertilizer by Gold Monte is mainly made of animal excrement, sugar residue, and animal and plant remains as raw materials, added with bacillus subtilis, bacillus hydrolysis, bacillus licheniformis, dephosphorization and potassium, lactobacillus, yeast and other microbe preparations, which are made by the advanced tank fermentation technology in China.

This product consists of microorganisms, organic matters, a large number of trace elements, promoting the growth of beneficial soil microbial flora, and through the active substances of microbial metabolism, it can stimulate and adjust crop growth and activate the fixed phosphorus potassium in the soil to improve the fertilizer utilization ratio and lasting fertilizer effect of fertilizer. It is the first choice for green and organic food production industry.

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Effective plate count (cfu) ,             
100 million/g(mL)                          1.0

Mould and infectious 
microbe /g(mL)                       3.0×10                      

Ratio of Infectious Microbe, %        30
Moisture,%                                20.0
Fineness,%                                    80
pH Value                                 5.5~8.5
Shelf life                                      6-12







1. Complex microbial inoculants: the counts of each effective microbe is more than one million/g(mL); the counts of effective microbe made of(Bacillus mucilaginosus in the form of powder is more than 120 million/g.

2.this test is only done upon request by governing authorities or for arbitration.



Product Features
1. Anti-bacterial and disease-resistant.

It can establish dominant bacteria group to form a PGRR protective layer, reducing the number of harmful bacteria so to avoid the occurrence of soil-transferring diseases, and overcome the re-stubble barrier.
2. Increasing fertilizer efficiency.

It can be used in combination with various fertilizers, organic fertilizers and pesticides, fixing nitrogen and decomposing phosphorus and potassium, increasing the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium by crops, and greatly improving fertilizer efficiency.
3. High permeability and high efficiency.

It contains high efficiency bacteria, which can be perforated in the waxy layer of the leaf surface, enabling the leaf surface to fully absorb nutrients contained in the agent and enhance photosynthesis.
4. Quality Improving and yield increasing.

It can improve the quality of agricultural produces. 
5. Green & pollution-free.

This product is made of high-tech microbiological preparations without any toxic ingredients, and can effectively degrade pesticide residues to reduce pesticide harms, which is the first choice of agricultural materials for producing green pollution-free agricultural products.

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