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The Soil Conditioner, also called Soil Reformer that Gold Monte offers is a new type of powdery biological strain with fast propagation, strong vitality, and sound safety. It is  high temperature resistant, keeping active during Granulation and drying, so it can be preserved in long-term. It contains rich and high-value active bacteria, which can improve soil structure. The product is composed of a variety of probiotics, which greatly increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the soil. Applying Gold Monte's soil conditioner can restore the diversity of soil microbial community, enhance the permeability, effectively solve the soil consolidation problem so to improve the soil micro-ecological environment.

       Product Efficacy

1. Activate soil and improve crop survival rate.
GOLD MONTE's soil conditioner can produce rich metabolites and other active substances to strongly promote the rooting quantity. The product can effectively improve soil consolidation, improve soil permeability, promote soil microbial activity and enhance soil fertilizer and water permeability.

2.  Improve Fertilizer Efficiency and Reduce Fertilization Costs.
This product can secrete organic acids and other substances to dissolve calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, phosphorus, aluminum and other compounds that are not easily absorbed by crops in the soil. It decomposes the organic matters in the soil which is not easy to be decomposed and  can significantly improve the utilization rate of fertilizer matching with the organic fertilize so to reduce fertilization costs.

3. Bacteriostasis, insect resistance and disease reduction.
This product can secrete auxin and various enzymes to enhance the resistance power of crops to some diseases. It also suppresses the growth of other pathogens, replenishes the soil with beneficial bacteria, suppresses the growth and 
reproduction of harmful bacteria, protect crop roots, reduce soil-borne diseases and reduce plant diseases.

4. Improve Crop Quality and Lift Income.
This product can play an anti-lodging effect, so as to improve crop quality, effectively restore the original ecology of crops, and greatly improve the survival rate of crops.




1. Hardened Fields
The causes to soil consolidation is that the soil surface is lack of organic matter, and the soil structure is destroyed under the action of irrigation or rainfall and other external factors so to lead to hardened soil surface after drying. Using GOLD MONTE's soil conditioner can effectively increase the organic matter content of the soil, thus fundamentally improving field consolidation.


2. Repeatedly Cropped Fields.
Repeatedlt cropped fields refer to the continuous planting of the same crop in the same field. Due to continuous planting, plant roots produce harmful bacteria causing crop to wilt and root to rot. Multiple enzymes secreted by GOLD MONTE's soil conditioner inhibit harmful bacteria and supplement the beneficial ones, thus thoroughly improving the soil conditions caused by continuous cropping.


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