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Feed-grade Inositol

Fatty Acid Calcium


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In the livestock and poultry industry, feed additives should be subject to correct use to ensure the health of livestock and poultry and improve the productivity of livestock and poultry so feed additives play a great role. The imported and domestic feed additives.


Gold Monte offers:
1. Supplement and balance nutrients: including amino acids, vitamins, trace mineral elements and non-protein nitrogen compounds.
2. Health and growth promoters: feed additives that have the functions of bacteriostasis and disease prevention, insect repellent, nutrient digestion promoters, animal growth promoters, egg production promoters, milk production promoters, etc.
3. Physiological metabolic regulators: anti-stress: chlorpromazine, vitamin C, etc. Chinese medicinal herbs.
4. Improving appetite and helping digestion: including acidifiers, sweeteners, flavor agents, spices, biotics (probiotics), enzyme preparation and buffer.
5. Forage processing and preservation agents: including anti-mildew agents, antioxidants, binder, agglomerating agents, emulsifiers, silage preservatives, etc.
6. Other types: coloring agents, feed pigments, activated carbon, zeolites, wheatstones, bentonite, rare earth nitrate, etc.