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Fatty Acid Calcium is made of fatty acids and calcium. Fatty Acid Calcium that added in ruminant diet can improve the rate of digestion, increase energy intake and enhance fatty acid utilization. 


The main functions of fatty acid calcium is, increasing milk production, bettering reproduction performance, improving milk quality, extending the lactation peak, reducing heat stress and improving beef quality. Any fat added directly to the feed cannot be protected by any way that is destroyed by rumen ruminants to hinder the activity of microorganism and reduce cellulose digestion rate. Therefore, fatty acid calcium consisted of fatty acid and salt is taken as the combined fat protection.

1. Impact on daily weight gain
Calcium fatty acid can improve daily weight gain of ruminants and feed conversion efficiency.

2. Impact on meat quality
Adding fatty acid calcium in diet is of great significance to improve the meat quality of ruminants.

3. Effect on milk yield
The level of ruminant milk production largely depends on the supply of pre-lactation energy. The addition of fatty acid calcium in the diet is equivalent to the addition of trans-rumen fatty acid, which can effectively improve the energy level of the diet and meet the needs of lactation.

4. Effects on blood biochemical indicators
Adding fatty acid calcium in diet of ruminants can reduce the degradation of body fat in early lactation of ruminants and decrease the content of free fatty acid in blood.  Fatty acid calcium can improve the blood glucose content of ruminants during lactation, and thus improve the production performance of ruminants.

5. Effect on reproduction performance
Fatty acid calcium can improve the nutrition level and health condition of female animals, thus can improve the reproductive performance.

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Other Applications

Fatty acid calcium, except being taken as cows energy additives can also be used for poultry feed in order to improve the egg production rate, increase eggshell strength to reduce broken rate and reduce hypodermic fat accumulation to improve meat quality for the chicken for meat purpose. It can also be applied to other breeding, such as deer breeding to improve the feed intake of deer and the digestibility of crude protein so as to make deer in decent health with brightening fair.

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