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The Healthy Beef Gold Monte offers is mainly Horqin beef from the Horqin grassland and  that imported from Japan, France, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.  


Horqin district is the gathering region of Nomadic Mongolians since ancient times the most concentrated areas, who have a long tradition of animal husbandry on grasslands. There is an area of about 45 to 60 square kilometers of natural pasture in Horqin District located in the 42 to 45 degrees north latitude with mild climate, abundant sunshine, rain, and good forage grass. There are more than 1600 kinds of plants growing on Qorqin grassland, 900 of which are high quality forage grass. Horqin of Inner Mongolia the most ideal natural pastures in China.


Known as the "hometown of cattle", Horqin grassland, is the breeding base for Horqin cattle and Simmental. Simmental from Switzerland  is the most ideal variety for beef processing due to its short growth period, high dressing percentage and tender 
meat. After 50 years of careful nurture, Simmental is greatly promoted in Horqin grassland providing the best beef source for China market.


Horqin beef is produced in five state-owned farms-Hu li original breeding farm, Molimiao cattle farm, Zhe nan farm, SAN yitang farm, and Banjiedian farm.

               Imported Beef

1. Matsuzaka beef
The top beef in the world, at least so far, is the "matsuzaka" from mie prefecture.It's one of the highest grade, most expensive beef in the world.Even in Japan's high-end restaurants, it is not always possible to taste the best matsuzaka beef.Matsuzaka beef is known as the ultimate artwork in meat, with its lean and fat texture and melt-in-mouth texture.

2. Chianina Beef
Chianina cattle is an old Italian cattle breed produced in the Chianina valley of central and western Italy. As an old draft breed in Italy, the thoroughbred registration of it  began in 1932 and was bred later into the world's largest beef cattle breed.

3. Charolais Beef
Charolais beef is the best in France. Originated in the middle and west of France to the southeast of the province of Charolais and Nievre region, it is a world-famous large beef cattle breed.Charolais are pure white all over the body and the beef features prominently on the French dinner menu.

4. Canadian Beef
Canada's main beef producing region is Alberta, which produces nearly half of Canada's beef. With millions of hectares of pasture land, Alberta has a clean and pleasant climate, unique natural resources, fresh air, pure drinking water and sufficient feed, providing a very favorable environment for the production of high-quality beef.

5. New Zealand Beef
It claims to be grass-fed beef that insists on natural grazing. New Zealand’s law completely prohibits the use of clenbuterol and other related drugs to raise meat, relying on natural and pure pastures to produce quality beef products that are reassuring.


More Products:

Items                           Horqin Beef                                             Commonr Beef                                                                                           
Source              Polution free Horqin grassland                          No requirement
                       supervised by the local authority                                                                                                
Material           Horqin cattle at 2 years old, castrated             No requirement on breed, 
                                                                                            ages, Sex and weight
Sanitary             4 times of quarantine in farms, 
limit                   factory, processing and delivery                  
factory, processing and delivery                                
Licensing                   Licensed upon delivery, quarantine 
                                 and  sanitary tests                                               Not sure        
Feeding             With modern scientific formula feeding, no 
                         hormone residue, no chemical drug residues             No requirement
Processing                   Adopt advanced biological 
                                     Tendering technology                            No tendering treatment
Outlines                                 Full                                                    Not regular
Color                                 Cherry-red                                    From light red to dark red
Mouthfeel               Fresh and succulent,with a special 
                             grassland fragrance,no teeth-sticking            Rough and hard, teeth- 

                                                                                                     sticking, bad odor
Handfeel                          Tender and soft                                              Rough 
Fat                    White, moderate in content, marbled                      Yellow, not obvious 
                                   in muscle, low cholesterol                     marbling, high cholesterol
Cooking                Can be cooked food and raw food,                          
                                    for both western and                                              
                                Chinese food,first choice for                         Simple cooking, hard to

                                                                                                             be cooked 
                                       high-end  restaurant                              in western cooking way              

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