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Snack Foods and Beverage are the products that people have when they are at leisure and resting.With the improvement of living standards, leisure snacks have been popular among the masses of food and everage. Leisure snacks are gradually upgraded to become the daily necessities of the society.


With the development of economy and the improvement of consumption level, consumers' demand for the quantity and quality of leisure snacks continues to grow.With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for quality of life, the original pattern of leisure snacks mainly based on food and beverage consumption is gradually changing to the direction of flavor, nutrition, enjoyment and even function. Especially with the continuous expansion of the market, the leisure snack market began to develop rapidly, and presented an unprecedented busy scene.With the boom in leisure snack consumption, more people have focused on health and nutrition. Now the manufacturers of leisure snacks are promoting that leisure snacks can be part of a healthy and balanced diet.  Low-calorie, low-fat and low-sugar leisure snacks are the mainstream of new product development in nowadays.