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The Diapers Gold Monte deal with are disposable products. These products are made of non-woven cloth, fluff pulp, high molecular absorbent resin, PE film, rubber bands and other materials. Diapers are made for both babies and adults. From the technical level, the diaper cores have gone through four revolutions up to now:
1. The first generation of core is formed by mixing villous slurry and high-molecular water absorption resin, without stratification or partition, which can also be called the traditional cores.
2. The second generation of core is  made a partition based on the first generation of core, playing a certain fixing actions to villus slurry and polymer water absorption resin, so as to reduce the glop phenomenon, but can not avoid glop phenomenon.
3. The third generation of core is made into a composite core structure, composed of dust-free paper, non-woven fabric andpolymer water absorption resin.
4. The fourth generation core is further divided in partitions based on the layered cores of the third generation. Compared with the first and second generation of diapers, the third and fourth generation of diapers have better anti-reverse permeabilityperformance and larger absorption capacity. The absorption rate is also better than the first and second generation of diapersand the overall performance is more dominant. 
CAREDAILY DIAPERS that GOLDMONTE deals in partnership,  are the first introduced products in the global market  as thinner, more liquid absorbent and more drier on the surface products , announcing  technology innovation for the third generation of diapers. This is the first time since the invention of diapers in the west that a Chinese company has taken the lead in the diaper technology competition.


Compared with other brands of diapers on the market, CAREDAILY diapers have the following incomparable advantages and features:
1. Reliable selected materials- all the quality materials, from fabrics to suction core bodies, are from the world's top suppliers to guarantee product quality and most care to the babies.  The Non-woven fabrics and Velcro are from 3M of the U.S.A ; the binder is provided by HANKEL of Germany; Elastic bands are provided by HYOSUNG of Korea; The water absorbing cores are supplied by BASF of Germany and SUMIMOTO of Japan.

2. State-of-art equipment-ZUIKO MEDICAL from Japan, one of the world's the top largest three suppliers of diaper production equipment, provides the most advanced processing equipment to guarantee the excellent and flawless product processing.
3. Advanced technology-the internationally advanced ON smell neutralization technology is adopted to ensure fresh and pleasant smell from the diapers, and the convex surface layers increase air circulation and accelerates urine absorption and diversion.
4. Leading position in research and development-the company has recently developed the world's newest product -- fruit C diapers. Natural extracted fruit C is added into the skin care surface, which can remove ammonia-the alkaline irritant in diapers, metal ions, bacteria and other harmful substances in urine, so to reduce the harm by urine and bacteria to the skin. In the diaper series, there are mainly baby diaper, training pants, adult diaper and pad, etc. 
Currently, there are three major series of CAREDAILY diapers:

1. Silkily soft series featuring large absorption capacity-one piece for the whole night, suitable for use in autumn and winter;
2. Silkily thin series featuring no lump layer, ultra-thin to only 0.1cm in thickness, suitable for use in summer;
3. Fruit C series containing fruit acid, can neutralize ammonia in urine and prevent allergic reaction to baby's bottom. 
The absorption rate of this diaper is up to 3-4 seconds, can proudly be the Hermes in diapers.