Gold Monte Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

  • The production activities in Gold Monte and its subsidiaries are all fully carried out in refined and elaborate ways, requiring equipment to be refined in sync. Gold Monte set up many modern processing plants in the world's major production areas with top grade processing equipment within global industries and the equipment manufacturers are the leading manufacturers in the industry.


    Equipment designs undergo times of analysis and discussions in the material, function, efficiency and service life before production and also times of online tests have to be fulfilled till it proves that the equipment can realize the expected functions. Then the equipment in this condition is put into production. Only in this way that all equipment can performance more outstanding compared with other equipment, putting an end to any production accident so to make the processing capacity and processing quality of all the Gold Monte's plants keep leading position in the industrial communities.


    With advanced production and processing equipment, standardized operation and management processes, and a scientific quality control system, Gold Monte and its subsidiaries consistently rank among the best in the industry.


  • The equipment owned by Gold Monte are all large-scale mechanized and standardized complete processing lines of the first-class brands in the industry so precision, high efficiency and energy saving on production can be assured.

    At present, in most of Gold Monte's production bases for food and beverage, functional food supplements and maternal and children products, the company established modern processing plants supported with complete sets of first-class processing production lines integrating material-selection, processing, and packaging. All the products by Gold Monte are made with elaborate processing and fine packaging, keeping the production scale and quality stand at the top of the industries.

    For the time being, the company's brand equipment suppliers are-
    Juicing equipment: Flottweg GmbH, Germany;
    Concentration equipment: Unipectin of Switzerland;
    Aseptic filling equipment: FBR ELPO S.P.A, Italy;
    Ultrafiltration equipment: Verind, Italy;
    Heat exchange equipment: APV, Germany;
    Filling equipment: Krons and Italian ZACMI;
    Packaging: TETRAPAK from Sweden;SIG COMBIBLOC from Germany, Alopak from Netherland.

    Diaper equipment: ZUIKO, Japan.

    Laboratory equipment:  Supelco USA,  for chromatograph and reagents
    TEDIA USA: chromatographic solvent
    HACH: water quality analyzer



  • In order to meet the diverse needs of customers around the world, Gold Monte and its subsidiaries are actively seeking equipment adapted to different process requirements, so that  the technology as software and the equipment as hardware are perfectly matched to achieve the best production results. In the view of Gold Monte, the perfect art of production should be that the production of products is certain with the lowest cost and the best quality, mainly based on using advanced processing technology matching with advanced manufacturing equipment.


    Gold Monte has always been working on new product development and production technology improvements. As a production-oriented enterprise, in order to keep up with the ever-changing customer demands for the development of products, the production process must be constantly updated, requiring each factory to focus on getting through the product process and realizing its large-scale production in a short time.


    Through continuous adjustment to the process of large-scale production, the production process and equipment can be perfectly matched to achieve the optimal production and operation results. The excellent performance of Gold Monte in production and operation stems from the pursuit of close matching the processing technology with equipment. Equipment tailored to the process requirements, and the big investment in matched equipment, are Gold Monte's only weapon for victory in the heavy production burden.



    Technology at the Top World Level ensures the food safety.Products from Gold Monte's Food & Beverage Sectors are rich in nutrition while, frail to bacteria attack. Aiming at guaranteeing food safety, Gold Monte has introduced the most advanced internationally equipment and facilities with corresponding technologies from Sweden Germany and France. The stage-of-art technology applied in production, the strict production processes, the complete pasteurization and the perfect packing system make Gold Monte's products be on safe side.


    The UHT instant sterilization technology guarantees the nutrition and fine taste of the products.Gold Monte, at its food & beverage sectors, utilizes the UHT instant sterilization technology in its production, with which bacteria can be killed within 5 to 15 seconds. Thus, the impact due to defect from normal pasteurization-nutrition loss from long-time boiling is avoided. As a result, the nutrients and tastes of the products are maintained at maximum.



    Combined eqipment introduction and independent development  ensure the manufacturing perfection of products from conception to marketed production Gold Monte's R & D teams combine years of accumulated professional experience and complete scientific knowledge with the most advanced technology and equipment from the USA and Europe and apply the combination to various kinds of products from product design, R & D to production according to the actual needs of the customers from all over the world, fully applying scientific technology and equipment. Any project is carried out on this principle from product design, R & D, trial production to marketed production, to ensure that the products are of zero defects in the whole process of marketization-zero defect in design, R & D, manufacturing, packaging,and quality.