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Gold Monte concerns veryone's health and treating customers like family to live in health is the unswerving service mission of the company. To achieve this sacred mission, the company all ways behave based on the operation philosophy as "Defending Safety and Guaranteeing Health"- not only using the most natural raw materials for the self-made products but also persuading the partners from upstream and downstream to jointly safeguard food security. At the same time, the company developed the most reliable and efficient pesticide degrader to clear up all the harmful matters from the food materials related to Gold Monte so to completely guarantee the health of every family. 


The main ingredients of “Gold Monte Natural Pesticide Cleaner” are natural calcium powder, pearl powder and natural sea salt that can rapidly degrade the pesticide residues or artificial additives on fruits and vegetables and dried fruits. It can be applied to food materials for fruit and vegetable processing industry, families or restaurants to clean the food materials and ensure the food safety.

              R&D Background

1. The horrible fact 
With the development of modern science and technology, more and more chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones are made and are used to our daily fruit, vegetables, and so a variety of physical and neurological illness emerge in endlessly-all kinds of organ dysfunction, epilepsy, infertility and cancer...All these are attacking more and more people at their health and even life! Human is facing the unprecedented threat and how to eat in safe way is the most demanding task in front of everyone...


2. The current poor detoxicating measure
The treatment to the armful matters like pesticide residues, sulfur dioxide, and aflatoxin etc. on the surface of the fruits and vegetable is usually made by people in the way of water washing or salt water immersion, which is completely useless. And once all kinds of harmful substances come into the body, they can cause serious burden to the body, and the most terrible are chemical pesticide residues and a variety of food additives. While treating with detergent washing containing surfactant always leads to secondary pollution.

3. The scientific way of detoxication
How to completely degrade the toxicity from the pesticide residues, eat in a healthy way and at the same time reduce the burden to the body from the  residues? Gold Monte found by researches with reference to those by the experts from the USA, Japan and Taiwan that the key to changing the molecular structure of the pesticides is “calcium ion" in activation and so developed "Gold Monte Natural Pesticide Degradation Powder". The product is processed with special "ionization technology" combining the "Polyglutamic Acid" (gamma - PGA) fermentation technology newly developed by the biotechnology industry.


Strengthening the activity and wrapping force of calcium ion, this product degrades the toxic pesticides much better than all the vegetable and fruit washing agents on market. 

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Product Advantage 

1. Advantage in featured functions

It is simple and convenient, effective, cost-saving and natural. It is proved by the authorities with certifications that:

A. It can 100% clear up the pesticide residues;

B. It can also clean bacteria, ova, aflatoxin and sulfur dioxide at one time;

C. It can improve the mouth feel to the fruits and vegetables;

D. Wide applications-it can not only be used for clean fruits and vegetables, but also be used as the deodorant for WC, kitchens and pet houses and as the safe detergent in cleaning.


2. Advantage in technology
Ionization techniques-with the strengthened molecular penetration force, the calcium ions  capture harmful organophosphorus, organochlorine  from pesticides to eliminate the toxics in a more powerful way.

"Polyglutamic Acid" (gamma - PGA) fermentation technology newly developed by the biotechnology industry-absorbing heave metal residues. 

The neutralization of acid and alkali: the strong based is made by calcining quality non-toxic shells at above 1200 ℃ high temperature, which is used to neutralize the acid and toxic organophosphorus, pesticides, organochlorine and carbamic acid from the pesticide and make it a harmless compound.

3. Advantages in environment protection
It is from natural materials but not the detergent containing surfactant and there is no surfactant residue after application. The used water with the product is completely biodegradable, which does not cause the secondary pollution to soil and water.

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