Gold Monte Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


Pursuing No Defect on Quality Based on Technology Developent and Custmer's Requirement.

Quality Control


Strict quality control procedures are enforced during manufacture, with the manufacturing environment subject to close monitoring and control. The final product is sampled and tested for chemical, sensory and microbial parameters using internationally recognized procedures in an ISO 9001:2000 certified laboratory. During storage and shipment, precautions are taken to ensure that product quality is maintained. Each package is identified, enabling trace back.


The manufacturing premises operate under a Product Safety Programme approved by the Food Safety Authority. This programme incorporates HACCP plan and the manufacturing site is certified to ISO 9001:2000.


Gold Monte can manufacture products for Halal and Kosher certification if required.


Quality Orientation


To Reach No-defect Level Based on Technology and Market Requirements


   Key Performance Indicators on Quality


Acceptance Rate on Inspection ≥ 99%

Acceptance Rate for Ready-to-Drink Products 100%

Rate of Response to Customers’ Complaints: 100%

Hygienic Acceptance Rate 100%


Strict Quality Control Regulations


The R & D Center of the company is responsible for all the duties related to quality control, whose responsibilities are as following:

Drafting, revising and proofing all the concerned technical documents;

Organizing all the related training activities;

Evaluating product quality in all the subsidiary plants;

Chairing quality management meetings inside the company;

Collecting the latest related state’s regulations and criteria on food and beverage industry;

Supervising the implementation of the new criteria in each plant.




Strict Management System in Raw Material Purchasing


All materials fall into three grades, Grades-A, Grade-B and Grade-C. Raw materials of Grade-A are quite essential and influential to the product quality, Raw materials of Grade-B RM are less influential, like sugar and citric acid, which are ok for quality as long as they meet the related national criteria. And materials of Grade-C RM are the least influential, mainly including those for cleaning and packaging.


Materials of Grade-A must be purchased collectively by the R & D Center of the company according to unified purchase contracts, and distributed to each plant by the suppliers as requested. Materials of Grade-B RM may be purchased by each plant separately only after the samples have passed approval by the R & D Center, and Materials of Grade-C are also purchased separately, and the plant only needs to file in the R & D Center.


Three methods are taken to set raw material suppliers and the criteria to their products. The first one is standardized management, i.e. the criteria are made according to our products’ characteristics upon signing contracts. The second one is appraisal management, i.e. the suppliers’ products and service will be assessed and appraised annually. The last one is the on-the-spot assessment, i.e. the suppliers’ production environment, processing lines, quality management system and quality stability will be evaluated on the spot.




Strict and Standardized Operation System

The company takes unified criteria for all the products in different factories and technologies for all the production in these factories. A series of unified criteria, processing standards, technical variables, packaging standards for different products are employed in all the subsidiary plants. The R & D Center evaluates regularly the implementation of the above standards and criteria in each plant.


All the main raw materials and packaging materials are purchased and tested in a collective way. The raw materials and packaging materials of high and stable quality ensure the fine quality of the finished products.

The unified criteria for drinking water are adopted in production. And the criteria for drinking water are made based on the related international regulations, and the water treating equipment were installed accordingly in each plant. The company also regularly tests the water samples in each plant.


Strict criteria for finished products sampling and testing are taken to stably keep the quality and taste of the products. The R & D Center takes samples from every plant and markets monthly, and then the professional research team of the company tests and evaluates the samples, so as to ensure the stability of the product quality and flavor.





Strict Quality Management System

The high quality of product is ensured on making and carrying out the strict quality management system. To reach the goal of No-defect in product, the ISO9001 Quality Management System is applied in production management and performance standards to be taken are made on the requirement of GMP and HACCP during course of production. The latest national regulations and related international criteria are always taken in time in quality management. All the products must pass through process examination, middle testing and finished products testing, and the strict measurements are also taken in storage and product circulation.

Gold Monte has always been improving its organism, keeping on employing experienced professionals in the field of food quality analysis and testing to maintain the best performance. All the final products must pass through sample testing and be proved acceptable with related authentic testing report before storage and sales on market so as to make it sure that the products are qualified on each chemical, sensory and microbial parameter.

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