Gold Monte Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


The Vitality of Product  R & D directly Determines the Vitality of the Company-No R & D, No Survival!

R & D

With modern state-of-the-art research facilities imported from USA, France and Denmark, and the technical knowledge and innovative cultures applied into production, Gold Monte is able to take new concepts through to commercial production and carry out R & D from design, trial-producing to mass production based on integrating customers’ demand and its knowledge.

Because of its size that ensures rapid R & D and close cooperation between technical and production sections, the company is nimble in reaction to market and communicates effectively with customers so that new product developments and line extensions take place in a timely manner.


Gold Monte has built up the first-class R & D Centers in the main production regions, and installed most advanced facilities for analysis and inspection. It implements scientific and strict R & D processes to develop and create more than 50 kinds of products, meeting the consumers’ demands for varieties, tastes, nutrition, usage and so on.

R & D
Quality Supervision