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Making Environment Protection the Foundation of Business and Ecologial Balance the Root of Industrial Development.

With Gold Monte's view on environmental protection, we take good care of it just as treating our own bodies. In any industrial operation of Gold Monte, the first consideration made before production is to make the environment stay well being, free of any mint of attack from our industrial production. To make the earth we live on be sustainable for living of our offspring, we do a lot in water protection, soil protection and fertilizer limit, ect. 




Certification to the Bases

Gold Monte always makes environmental factors its development foundation. All the manufacturing sites at Gold Monte’s material bases are certified with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO9001:2000. These internationally recognized environment management system and quality management system reflect the company's commitment to the protection of the local environment and quality guarantee to customers.  




Water Quality Control


Actions on Water Quality in Production Regions

Gold Monte has been working with the local Bureaus for Environment Protection (representing regional councils) to achieve clean, healthy water in production areas. Their goal is to minimize the impact of industrial production on streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands so they are suitable for fish, drinking by stocks and swimming.


The parties have prepared to project a Protection Action Plan to:


  • Regulate used-water discharge throughout production areas around farms to reflect natural catchment characteristics;


  • Make all the connected industries realize the importance of water protection to local surroundings and take corresponding in-time protection actions actively;


  • Establish the practical and financial constraints to implementation timeframes;


  • Confirm that improved waterways management at the farm scale will generally focus on headwaters, small streams and drains. 




Monitoring Soil and Water Quality

Reflecting Gold Monte’s commitment to minimizing the impact of dairying on the environment, Gold Monte Research Centre has established Monitor Catchment Studies in the major production regions around Gold Monte’s farming bases.


The Monitor Catchment Studies are monitoring soil and water quality in these areas and improving on-farm practices to lift environmental performance. They are linked with a long-term study being undertaken by related universities and institutes to clarify the links between farm management practices and environmental impact. 




On-going Investment in Wastewater Treatment

The treatment of wastewater after its use in manufacturing processes is a key area of focus in managing the environmental impact of production. Wastewater treatment facilities are standard at all Gold Monte ’s manufacturing plants, and are subject to regular capital investment along with any processing facilities.

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