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Medical Protecive Supplies

Medical & Health-care Instrument

Magnetic-therapy Supplies

Gold Monte's medical & health-care products certified with EU and FDA, are widely used in supermarkets, food processing plants, hotels, advanced beauty clubs, dust-free workshops, electronic assembly lines, famous restaurants and at home. The unique design concepts applied to these products, completely subvert the traditional design concept, which are manufactured with new food-grade raw materials in strict accordance with the safety and health requirements. The advanced production technologies are implemented to ensure product safety, environmental protection and health gurantee, and approved by the state administration of quality supervision inspection center, these products are exported to many countries all over the world.


The outstanding products within this area are Medical Masks, Medical Protective Coveralls, Medical Gloves, Medical Ventilators, Medical Disinfectent Wet Wipes, Infrared Thermometers, Magnetic Therapeutic Instrument & Stickings, Millimeter-wave Therapeutic Instrument, etc. 

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