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Ointment Sticker
Ointment Sticker
Ointment Sticker
Ointment Sticker
Ointment Sticker
Ointment Sticker

Application Steps:

1. Before using it, wipe the applied area to remove oil from the skin surface

2. Remove protective film

3. Apply it to the desired area

2. Get heated in 5-10 minutes

3. Take it off after using for 20-30 minutes

4. Put it In an anti-static bag

Product Efficacies:

Dredge the channels and collaterals, regulate blood cirtulation, open up the microcirculation, raise the body temperature, relieve the pain, clean up the body micro-exreta,  activate immune cells, regulate metabolism, and improve immunity



Applicable Groups:

Who often bowed their heads

Office staff

Who get tired from Long-sitting

Long-time drivers

Long-time Labors

Who get swollen or painful joints


Patients in Headache and insomnia

Patients in dysmenorrhea

Who in constipation

Patients in prostatitis

Patients with pains in the neck, shoulders, waist and legs



This product can only be used for skin application, do not eat it

Contraindicated for allergic people

No for patients with the heart fitted with a metal stent

No for people after drinking

No for  cancer patients

No detergent is needed for cleaning  

Do not soak it in water or dip in oil

Avoid contact to children

No for patients with redish skin, congestion, ulceration, or damaged skin

This product cannot replace medicine


Reactions from Application & reasons:

Getting heated fast: more toxins in the body and slow blood circulation

Getting heated slow: serious wet and cold condition in the body

Warm:normal, acupuncture points and channels are unblocked

Stabbing hot feels: acupuncture points and meridians are blocked in failed circulation

Scorching hot: acupoints and meridian blockage is very serious

Skin itch: the bad circulation inside the body is heavier

Water drop turns  out:  too wet and cold condition in side the body

Small rash: severe in-wind attack to body

Redish skin: light redish skin is normal, serious redish skin or congestive skin shows that the patient is in bad blood circulation, and more applications may lead to normal conditions.

Applying Gold Monte chip magnetic therapy stickers for 30 minutes has the same effect as:

Using black plaster for 6 hours,

Using acupuncture for 60 minutes,

Using moxibustion for 30 minutes,

Using magnetic therapy apparatus for 30 minutes,

Using heat therapy apparatus for 30 minutes.


Experimental tests show:

Up to 1500 negative ions

The terahertz wavelength is 20cm

Magnetic needle up to 3-7cm

Blood cells get very plump after application.