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Gold Monte opens global medical protective supplies business with many kinds of factories, some  of  which are the listed companies as manufacturers exclusively for the overseas markets. These production factories have CE and FDA certifications, fully meeting any purchase requirements by all the customers from all over the world with the long-term guarantee of stable supply. 


The leading products within this area are medical masks and medical protective coveralls. The similar materials like medical non-woven are applied to these two products with similar BFE and PFE.
For medical masks,the anti-virus ability from high to low rank: KN95≈N95≈FFP2 mask (bacteria bfe>95%,pfe>95%) > this medical surgical mask (bfe> 99%,pfe>99%) > general medical surgical mask (bfe>95%,pfe>30%)> disposable surgical mask (bfe>95%, no requirement for pfe)> ordinary civilian masks (bfe,pfe are not required).


For medical protective coveralls, the following performance properties are outstanding:


1. The moisture resistance of the surface

The water-touching level on the surface shall not be lower than the requirements of level 3 in GB/T 4745-1997.

2. Breaking strength

The breaking strength of the protective coverall sample shall be no less than 45N.

3. Elongation at break

The elongation at break of the protective coverall sample should not be less than 30%.

4. Filtration efficiency

The filtration efficiency of the protective coverall for non-oily particles should not be less than 70%.

5. Flame retardant performance

The protective coverall with flame retardant performance shall meet the requirements of class B2 in GB 17591-1998.

6. Anti-static performance

The carried static electricity of the protective cover should be less than 0.6uC.

7. Skin irritation

The protective coverall materials should have no skin irritation.

8. Microbial indicators

The protective coveralls meet the requirements on microbial specified in GB 15979-2002. The protective coveralls are marked with "sterilized" or "sterile"  illustrated on the package.

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