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As time going,  more and more business cocktail parties and celebrations require the guests to dress up. The formal attire is no longer a rare novelty in daily life. Topboom's Evening Attire is just a dress for this trend,  designed for ladies attending formal social occasions. Compared with men's formal attire, women's formal attire is more colorful no matter in style modeling, color decoration, or fabric accessories,  which has become the main design materials and highlights of women's wears.


worn on the body, Topboom's evening attires conform to the body curves and the movement rhythm, and the perfect color also suit the dinner party atmosphere. The exquisite clutchs that are pressed with the evening attire's gauze add colorful classic lasting appeal for concise skirts
Topboom mainly designs and produces two kinds of evening attire-modern evening attires and cocktail evening attires.


             Main Products  


1. Modern Evening Attires


Influenced by various modern cultural trends, artistic styles and fashion trends, the modern evening dresses designed and produced by Topboom are not overly limited by stylization, and attention is paid to simplicity, beauty and novelty of styles, which have the characteristics of The Times and the breath of life. Compared with traditional evening dress, modern evening dress is more comfortable, practical and beautiful. The main products are suits, jackets with skirts, two-piece in-out combination suit.


2. Cocktail Attires
Cocktail dress, designed by Topboom for cocktail parties, semi-formal or formal occasions, is a dress between a day dress and an evening dress. Compare with the luxuirous evening dresses, cocktail formal attires are paid with more attention to the occasion and atmosphere and in design, they are relatively simple, more elegant and implicative.

The fabrics are mainly natural silk, brocade, synthetic fiber and some new high-tech materials with plain color, shading and small patterns. Jewelry accessaries are pearl necklaces, earrings or dangle earrings, more than three strings of which are for formal occasions. 

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Wearing Advices by Topboom's Designers

1. The skirts
While knee length is generally required and long skirts are suitable for all occasions. In more formal workplace, a suit skirt is suggested. In the social intercourses,  wearing long silk socks is suggested  and the sock opening should be hidden under the skirt. 
2. The shoes
Shoes are suitable for any common occasions as long as suitable to the clothing. Wearing a western dress but with a pair of common sandals is not a  harmonious case.  Those who are educated or have the social qualities of public relations should pay particular attention to something like this matter.
3. The jewelries
Wearing carefully selected accessories can increase a woman's unique style and charm. The beauty, youth, style, and charm of a woman can only be set off by the natural luster of her jewelries. Remember, the ring can not be in casual wear, wear it according to the "Ring Language" .
4. The gloves
The purpose of wearing gloves is primarily to protect the hands, but they are also often used as a decoration. There are certain rules of etiquette for wearing gloves: they are mainly used to keep warm in winter and as an accessory for a formal dress in summer. The gloves should be removed when shaking hands, but women, on the other hand, may not remove them if they wear decorative gloves.

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