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Creating the Exquisite for the Customers by Translating the Beauty from God and Integrating the Inspiration from the Nature into Creation !

The Women's Wears by Gold Monte in the brand name of Topboom send out the fashionable breath gathering the international fashion elements of the beauties from all over the world. The design inspiration on the basis of combination of "traditional design + fashion element”, just shows new ideas of beauty and luxury to the people pursuing glorious life. Topboom's designs bring you the feeling of freedom in concise with keen fashionable sense, novel style and exquisite collocation, which makes you not only feminine but extremely confident. The fashions of beauties are just shown off with the light color, downy curve and exquisite details. 8 fashion styles are made at Gold Monte such as Classics, Vogues, Sporting, Jeans, Shirts, Knitting, T-shirts and particular personal adornments. Centering on these 8 styles as the main subjects, 

Gold Monte is launching new products in each season and in every year, ensuring you to follow your inclinations in making up so as to help you always send out the infinite radiant beauty."Living in my own elegant demeanor" is the essence of Top Boom Brand for women's clothing. The company is committed to providing quality wears with good prices and rich styles to increase the consumers' opportunities on fashion choices and with the special customizing service, the company makes all the customers enjoy the exclusive fashion to their own.