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Creating the Exquisite for the Customers by Translating the Beauty from God and Integrating the Inspiration from the     Nature into Creation !

Here at Gold Monte, there are two brands - HELLO WAWA and JOYSEE for the Kid's Wears  to be built up, coring at giving a love from Gold Monte to the children from all over the world with the high quality products and good services. We are not only selling the kid's clothes but are also warmly dedicated to pregnant women and infants, and warmly committed to providing the beauty and health information support to them. Gold Monte's children's clothing includes the clothes for the children from 0 to 15 years and the related items needed. 

HELLO WAWA-designed preparing items for the pre-mothers and baby clothes with unique styles. JOYSEE-designed garments for the infants from 0-to 5 years old and for the children from 5 to 15 years old according to the active and fast-growing characteristics of the infants and the children, based on the principle of emphasis on comfort and color harmony. The pursuit of "first-class quality" has always been insisted on the commodity production and circulation so to create the products of sound quality with the rigorous work attitude and strict inspection standard.


Gold Monte's children's clothing and the related products are designed and made by the most powerful domestic children's clothing designers on the information of the popular clothing from all over the world with Gold Monte's strong planning ability and independent brand system.In addition to R&D and production of children's clothing with independent brands in mainland China, Gold Monte is also maintaining the long-term communication in resources and technology with the rest of the world such as America, Japan, South Korea, India and Bangladesh and other countries and regions to in line with the principle of complementary advantages of resources to have the cooperation in terms of OEM ODM and etc.