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Japanese-Korean Styles
Japanese-Korean Styles
Eu-American Styles
Eu-American Styles
Japanese-Korean Styles
Japanese-Korean Styles
Eu-American Styles
Eu-American Styles
Eu-American Styles

In Gold Monte’s Kid’s Wears sector, we always adhere to the principle of Exquisite Products focusing on making Beautiful Princess Series and Elegant Prince Series of kid’s clothes for kids aged 1 to 15 years old.  In the design concept, it is always followed that “creating a wonderful, healthy and happy childhood for kids", close to the international fashion trend in novel product design novel, rich natural colors, and comfortable wearing feel. So the sense of being "fashionable, sweet, elegant, and vital" always shines.


As influenced by Japanese and South Korean cultures, more and more non-Japanese and Non-Korean kids, especially Chinese kids, become to love Japanese and South-Korean cultures in increasing sense. Based on this market demand, the company designs and makes the wanted wears on the typical Japanese and Korean customs, and emphasizes matching and detail handling in the styles so to perfectly show the lively and lovely nature of kids through the leisure element in harmony,   and the pursuit of urban family culture in fashion, elegance, and dynamic nature of the Japanese and south Korean styles.



Children's clothing fabric and style requirements are more strict than those of adults-fabrics and accessories increasingly emphasize nature, environmental protection. Based on the characteristics of children's skin and body, generally adopted fabrics are  pure cotton, polyester cotton, natural colored cotton, wool, fur and other harmless fabrics.

Soft with elastic feel,  natural luster, high-grade feeling, good moisture absorption, not easy to heat conduction, good heat preservation, wrinkle resistant


2. Cotton fabric
Strong moisture absorption, good dyeing performance, soft feel, comfortable to wear, firm and durable

3. The whole cotton silk
Cotton fabric after high concentration caustic soda (wool) treatment,  smooth feels, bright color, silky luster, comfortable to wear

4. The linen fabric
Good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear.

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