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Gold Monte's millimeter-wave project brings hospital equipment into families

Listed into the State Medical Insurance System, Gold Monte Millimeter-wave apparatus have been applied into the Grade-A hospitals, military medical services, and community hospitals.

This project is the one that is repeatedly reported by the Science Column of CCTV and is supported by the authoritative experts for bringing the hospital equipment into families.

Treatment: diabetes complications, prostate disease, bone and joint diseases, various pains

KFA-200 millimeter wave therapy instrument, 2009 national certification, Beijing pharmaceutical equipment (2010 Approved) No. 2250881

The users tell you the secret of Gold Monte millimeter wave therapy apparatus


Sore shoulders and neck:

Using mobile phones to do too many things every day



Cleaning the house and accompanying the child to lead to unwell body


Tired of working overtime:

Staying up late to catch up on work so to cause body ache


Poor circulation: in the body

Hand fatigues due to long-term use of the computer


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Principle of millimeter wave therapy

1. Normal oscillation frequency

2. Disordered oscillation frequency

3. Produced resonance adjusts the disordered oscillation frequency into normal

4. Getting the body back to normal

Millimeter wave refers to the extremely high frequency electromagnetic wave with the wavelength between 1mm to10 mm and the oscillation frequency between 30GHZ to 300 GHZ

Millimeter wave therapy is that by producing resonance with the specific frequency of the millimeter waves acting to human cells, which promotes the pathological cells to return to the normal states to achieve the purpose of treatment.

British physicist Florida Hector put forward a resonant theory as of  "Electromagnetic Coherent Oscillation", and by the scientific validation, large molecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and enzymes and biofilms in biological tissues have their fixed oscillation frequencies. These frequencies are in millimeter wave oscillation frequency range, therefore, millimeter waves acting on these biological macromolecules and biofilms produce resonance to restore cell activity as a result to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.

Three characteristics of Millimeter-wave Therapy

1. Non-thermal effect, imperceptible cure! Safe and reliable.

Millimeter waves do not treat diseases by warming the body. In the treatment process, there is no heat, no pain, or no stimulation occurred so it is the one of internationally recognized friendly treatment

2. Remote effect-activating one part to drive all the reactions through the whole body to achieve in-depth treatment

Millimeter waves finish conduction through cells, nerves, body fluids, channels and through the irradiation to biological active sites, the curing effect can reach the lesion in depth or even through all over the whole body.

3. Time accumulation effect-quantitative change  leads to qualitative change: the more times of treatment, the better the effect.

It takes a certain amount of time for MMW to repair and regulate body cells. With the increased treatment times, the stronger the biological effect of MMW on human body is, the more obvious the treatment effect is.

Supports from the authoritative hospitals

The hospital departments that apply millimeter wave therapy: the endocrinology department that treats diabetes, the urology department that treats prostate, the pain department that treats osteoarthropathy, the surgery department that treats wound healing, the oncology department that treats cancer pain, the rehabilitation department, the acupuncture department, and so on.

PLA General Hospital (301) of China

Navy General Hospital of China

Peking Union Medical College Hospital of China

Beijing Chao-yang Hospital of China

Beijing Friendship Hospital of China

Beijing Tiantan Hospital of China

Summary of clinical trials of millimeter wave therapy

Excerpt from 《 Millimeter-wave Medical Technology and Its Clinical Application 》

Disease Type

总病例数The Total Number of Cases

有效例数Effective Number of Cases

有效率 Effective Rate

溃疡病 canker

前列腺炎 Prostatitis

糖尿病 Diabetes

骨髓炎 Osteomyelitis

儿童股骨无菌坏死 Aseptic Necrosis of Femur in Children

小儿脊髓灰质炎 Poliomyelitis

神经疼 Nerve Pain

脊髓骨软骨病 Myelochondrosis

遗尿 Enuresis

神经衰弱 Neurasthenia

过敏性皮炎 Allergic Dermatitis

神经性皮炎  Neurodermatitis

牛皮癣 psoriasis

湿疹  Eczema

总病例数The Total Number of Cases

有效例数Effective Number of Cases

有效率 Effective Rate

高血压High Blood Pressure

动脉粥样硬化 Atherosclerosis

局部缺血性心脏病Ischemic Heart Disease

乳腺增生及炎症Hyperplasia and Inflammation of the Breast

支气管哮喘Bronchial Asthma


急性支气管炎Acute Bronchitis




慢性胃炎Chronic Gastritis

结石性胆囊炎Calculous Cholecystitis



Gold Monte Millimeter-wave Therapy Instrument

This apparatus is made for Treatment of diabetes complications, prostate disease, bone and joint diseases and various pains in physical therapy,completely free of any medicine.