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The Canned Maize Products from Gold Monte are made of chosen high-quality species of maize processed with imported state-of-the-art facilities on advanced technology. The maize is harvested at its puberty at Gold Monte self-owned farms, where maize are grown and cared for by professional technicians with scientific method. With pesticide rejected, the maize is cared for with bee-killers to kill the insects.


Maize, fully containing Vitamin E, Dietary Fibers, Lecithin, Amino Acid, Carotene and Minerals, plays a positive role in Brain Strengthening, Anti-Aging and Lowering Cholesterol Level. And Selenium in maize restrains growth of cancer cells so it does good to a well-built fitness. A large part of reason for Indians not suffering from high blood pressure and coronary heart disease is that they take maize as their daily main food. 


There is neither preservative nor pesticide residue contained in such products so the original tastes, aroma, sweetness, softness and crispness are maintained at maximum.  Easily absorbed nutrients like dietary fibers, amino acid and Vitamins make the products to be the best choice for household and travel. And especially for the old, women, children and patients, these products can serve as the best highly nutritious vegetable food. As addressed by food experts, frequently taking maize as meals can help maintain stable blood pressure and good health for long life. 

1. Prevention of osteoporosis: The phosphorus content in maize lists the top 1 among all the foods. To the elderly, often eating maize can not only help them prevent osteoporosis, but also can make their teeth stronger.


2. Tumor prevention:

lysine and trace element selenium in maize have certain antioxidant effects, which are very beneficial in tumor prevention. Maize is rich in magnesium that can effectively strengthen intestinal peristalsis, which is not only conducive to defecation, but also can prevent colon cancer.

Efficacy of Maize

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3. Protecting stomach in functioning: those with bad intestines and stomach may eat maize appropriately, because the nutrients like vitamin B1 that contains a lot of in corn, B2, B6 can protect intestines and stomach in functioning, which can also prevent beriberi, myocarditis.

4. Protecting eyes from aging: People who read too much should eat more yellow maize to alleviate macular degeneration and vision decline. Lutein and zeaxanthin, with their powerful antioxidant effects, can absorb harmful light into eyes.

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