Gold Monte Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


Conference Tables

The board-type conference talbes  produced by the company are made with wood-based artificial boards with full surface decoration and hardwares connected into the furniture. They are detachable, changeable in shaping, fashionable in appearance, free of deformation, stable in quality, and affordable price.


The conference tables by the company are made with strict requirement on the quality and performance of boards and accessories.

Boards: The desktops are made of the E1 class environmental protection boards with thickness at 25 mm. The side sealing is made of PVC in high temperature undergoing processes like high temperature, high pressure, insect-resistant and anticorrosive to reach national standards in bending resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance and humidity resistance. 
Adhesive: Imported hot melt adhesive from Germany is applied to make these are assured like waterproof, hot resistance, anti-fouling, acid proof, alkali proof, fire prevention etc. 
Hardwares: BMB hardware accessories from Germany are adopted for anti-rust, anti-corrosion treatment, durability and metal frames.

The desktop and the accessories of the conference tables are connected with metal hardwares to facilitate transportation. Because the base material of artificial boards are made with  lumber-original-structure  broken technique, the quality of this kind of boards are much better than pure wooden boards upon temperature changing and humidity changing.  So the quality of our conference tables is much stabler than pure wooden tables.


To meet the needs of different customers, the company can also process the furniture of other types of boards like: plywood, particleboard, fiberboard and so on.