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Features of Topboom's Customized Garment

High-grade Fabrics
In the customized section, in order to highlight the brand characteristics and reject vulgarity, Topboom resolutely refuses to choose chemical fiber fabrics. Healthy and pure natural cotton and linen, cashmere, mulberry silk, camel hair and Egyptian cotton are taken the main base materials with the introduction of the world's top fabric brands such as: Scabal, Cerruti1881, and LoroPiana, etc. Intense yarn fabrics is delicate, supple and elastic in touching feels with clear lines and natural soft luster. High-grade fabrics can not only reflect the elegant taste and royal temperament, but also can ensure the intimacy and comfort that can not be found in the ordinary fabrics.



Sophisticated Technology
Topboom has always been sticking to the pursuit of excellence in garment technology, carrying out strict requirements on cutting technology, fabric positioning and accessories collocation. The whole set of clothes are made undergoing four working procedures and more than 200 junior working procedures. Different techniques determine the different quality of clothes. The state-of-art technology ensures that the clothing is of high-quality and stylish in wearing. In addition to positioning the ideal material and style according to the actual wishes of customers, the more important for Topboom's customization is that it can ensure that the customized clothes fit the bodies perfectly and that the customer's confidence, calmness and elegance can be fully reflected.

        Customizing Steps

1.  Communicating for an Appointment
Through the advanced consultation,  the customer's needs is well understood, and the exclusive personal dressing consultant will be addressed to the customer.

2. Material Selection and Style Determination
Topboom sends technicians to visit the customers or the customers come up to Topboom for an interview, communicating the detailed requirements, determining the fabrics and styles, and signing the contract for the record.

3. Taking Professional Measuring 
Topboom's senior measuring technicians take actual measurement or confirm the size through the volume measurement software (remote).

4. Fitting on Semi-finished Clothes
Upon the show of the semi-finished clothes, the customer comes to Topboom to try on the clothes to ensure that they fit completely, otherwise it will be further modified so to avoid the damage to the fabric and style caused by modification to the finished clothes.

5. Finished Clothes
After the success of the finished clothes, the customers are advised to pick up at Topboom or confirm the consignee information for Topboom to arrange logistics delivery.

T-shirt, shirt, sweater, vest/strap, lace/chiffon, coat, trousers, skirt, suits.


More Products:

1. Free door-to-door service for customization measuring;
2. Thousands of styles to be offered for the customer's independent choice;
3. Personalized embroidery;
4. Delivery time in 28 days upon ordering;
5. Delifery free of charge。

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