Gold Monte Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


The office desks  produced by the company is refinedly made with the elegant design concept.  The artistic temperament and delicate taste of life are carved into every detail of the fashionable styling. Professional design and excellent functions fully meet every office needs. The imperial lines, stable style and wise and passionate disposition fully  present your masterful outlooks as of a victor 
Product introduction:
Basic materials: E1-grade density fiberboard; formaldehyde content ≤9mg/100g; density up to  above 700KG/m3; treated with strict sterilization and insecticidal preactices; drying rate below 9% in moisture content.

Boards: The desktops are made of the E1 class environmental protection boards with thickness at 25 mm.  The side sealing is made of PVC in high temperature undergoing processes like high temperature, high pressure, insect-resistant and anticorrosive to reach national standards in bending resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance and humidity resistance. 

Adhesive: Imported hot melt adhesive from Germany is applied to make these are assured like waterproof, hot resistance, anti-fouling, acid proof, alkali proof, fire prevention etc. 

Hardwares: BMB hardware accessories from Germany are adopted for anti-rust, anti-corrosion treatment, durability and metal frames.

The desk series in type uses go into common desks, executive desks, staff desks, conference desks, and so on, the best choices for  staff offices, conference rooms, reading rooms, libraries, training rooms, teaching and research rooms, laboratories, etc.


Office Desks