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New launch of two new Hemp products in NA

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Gaia Herbs, a North America's leading herbal brand, recently launched two new Hemp products: 10mg full spectrum hemp extract and 20mg full spectrum hemp extract.These dietary supplements contain less than 0.2 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), made from American hemp plants that grow in the sun. Gaia Herbs is understood to be opting hemp flower for its extract, which is the main source of cannabinoids compared to the rest of the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD separated products, the company says its full-spectrum hemp extrat contains multiple cannabinoids,representing synergies that occur naturally in cannabis plants. With the recent passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, cannabis is no longer listed as schedule 1 in the US, and there has been a flood of new cannabis products of varying quality on the market.This makes it difficult for consumers to know which products to trust and which to live up to, says Elena Lecue, executive vice President of sales and marketing at Gaia Herbs. As the leading herbal brand, Gaia Herbs, has been producing quality herbal supplements in North America since 1987 and the company's team felt this was a good opportunity to spearhead the development and introduction of high-quality and transparent full-spectrum cannabis products. 

2019年6月28日 19:22