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We believe there is no better way to make families stronger-to make family life richer-than enjoying a healthy, delicious meal together around the table.


Adored by healthcare fans and value seekers alike, Gold Monte is widely established as the destination healthcare product supplier for keeping up with the latest medical protection and healthcare demand trends.  As an expert in dealing with daily consuming products we carriy out business based on the four fundamental principles-Protecting Life, Nourishing Families, Glorifying Lives and Caring about Environment.


At Gold Monte, the phrase "Protecting Life" means to help our clients to protect their health in fitness away from any outer harm attack with our quality medical protection and healthcare supplies, as well as any functional supplement.


At Gold Monte Foods, the phrase “Nourishing Families” refers to nutrition, of course. But there is another dimension to nourishing: enriching family life.  


At Gold Monte Garment, the phrase “Glorifying Lives” means to beautify and refresh family life by creating ornate outward appearances with beautiful and decent fashions, wears and all the other apparels. 


At Gold Monte, the priority job for Caring about Environment is to take the commitment to minimizing the impact of industrial activities to the environment.

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    Adored by healthcare fans and value seekers alike, Gold Monte is widely established as the destination healthcare product supplier for keeping up with the latest medical protection and healthcare demand trends. 


    Gold Monte Industrial Development Co., Ltd. as an expert in daily consuming industries, has always been experienced in health-care related industries and has expanded into the other light industrial areas like Medical Protection, Well-being Agriculture, Baby & Maternity Products, Garment Design & Manufacturing and House Appliances, etc.


    At Gold Monte Foods, the phrase “Nourishing Families” refers to nutrition, of course. But there is another dimension to nourishing: enriching family life. We believe there is no better way to make families stronger-to make family life richer-than enjoying a healthy, delicious meal together around the table.


    We nourish people by providing a vast array of healthy, high-quality foods, including fruits, vegetable, all kinds of Juice Concentrates, Functional Food Supplements, Plant Extracts, Natural Vegetable Oil, etc.


    We enrich lives by instructing and coordinating the end food manufacturers like packers and fillers to make foods & beverages for families which are free of any artificial elements to keep foods & beverages as what they are naturally. We also enrich lives by encouraging and enabling families to eat together with delicious products that offer convenience and ease, as well as quality and nutrition.


    We are passionate about the health and well being of our customers. You will see it in every delicious food element, every convenient package and every innovative new idea we create. We are also keen for beauty of our customers and you will see it in all the products we make for you, our esteemed customer.



    Since the beginning, Gold Monte has been nourishing families and enriching lives. Our healthy and nutritious products for people are a foundation for the strong family connections central to wellness and a high quality of life.

    We’re proud that our efforts to bring good food to the table and to the final packers are grounded in a deep respect for the natural resources of this earth. We’ve long been considered a leader in introducing agricultural practices that minimize the use of pesticides and help farmers grow stronger, more productive crops with less fertilizer, water, and other materials. We know that the success of our business relies on a healthy environment, and in our growers’ fields and across our own operations, we’re doing all we can to be good stewards of our planet’s resources.Equally important is our attention to the relationships we have established within our family of employees, our suppliers,


    customers, and the communities in which we live and work. We will continue to reach out and build on these connections to ensure that we’re delivering the products people want in the most sustainable way possible. We invite you to join us on this journey, and welcome your comments and feedback.


    A.Sustainability Policy

    At Gold Monte Foods, our vision is to nourish families and enrich lives, every day. We’re passionate about bringing high-quality, healthy, and nutritious foods and other superior products within our coverage to people in a way that protects the environment, builds strong ties to our communities, and enables our Company to grow and flourish.

    For us, sustainability reflects the balanced consideration of people, planet, and performance. As such, we believe the following tenets are central to our sustainability efforts:

    B.People Focus

    We are a people-driven organization committed to the well-being of our employees, our consumers, and the communities in which we live and work.

    C.Stewardship of Natural Resources

    Our Company’s success is based on preserving a healthy natural environment. We work to ensure the lasting productivity of our growers’ fields through lower-impact agricultural practices, and strive to reduce our operational environmental footprint by eliminating waste and minimizing our use of materials, energy, and water.

    D.Quality and Innovation

    Since establishment, we've delivered quality products that are safe, nutritious, beautiful and decent. We will continue to update our product portfolio to bring families a broad range of choices of healthful and tasty food,safe raw industrial ingredients, fashionable garment and other cool commodities.

    With regards to all the other products by Gold Monte except for the foods which are designed, produced and sold based on the Altruism Concept, they are making any body in the any segment of our operation get improved in the existence quality and feel satisfied for and independent on them such as the natural resources, raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, plants, packaging suppliers, wholesalers and retailers, etc.  




    Gold Monte is constantly committed to protecting and enriching the lives of today's family — everyone in the family— by providing healthcare, nourishing and easy-to-use products with the soundness and reliability that meet the any special needs of every client. We are driven by the consumer and deliver results through a partnership with our customers built upon superior brands and products, continuous innovation, excellent service and a commitment to quality in all we do. Our people are passionate about winning and take pride in Gold Monte as they lead the company to achieve the world-class performance and superior value.




    Goal & Direction: To Keep Constantly Striving for Perfection and to Repay the Society


    Concept: To Take Humanism as Cause Foundation

    Enterpreneurship: Honest, Pragmatic, Innovative, and outstripping  

    Aphorism: To be Honest and to do Uprightly



    To take Improving People’s Health as Responsibility to Realize Commitment to Environment to Achieve Harmonious Development of both Environment and Economy and so as to build up a Health-oriented and environment-protect-driven Enterprise.



    To Nourish the People’s Lives of All of the World All the Time

    To Outdo What Customers Expect



    From Medical Protection & Healthcare Supplies, Functional Ingredients and Food Supplement to Health Foods & Beverage, as well as to Matrnal and Baby products, Garment and Furnicute, etc, Gold Monte is proud to offer brands that protect, nourish and beautify every member of the family.


    Gold Monte-for Medical & Healthcare Supplies, Functional Ingredients, Juice Concentrates, Maternal & Baby Products and Health Food & Beverage.

    Greatwall, Sinoone-for fruit and vegetable juice concentrates & Plant extract;

    Chinanutri-for tomato paste;

    Qixiang-for wolfberry products as of juice concentrates and extract;

    Longhuayuan- for natural vegetable oil;

    KeenChoice-for cereals and other agri-produces;

    The above branded products are in operation of GOLD MONTE (SHANDONG) HEALTH TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


    Fashion-all-for maternalr and baby products;



    The brands of Gold Monte are well known that evoke trust and represent quality, nutrition and value. They are in large, health categories and are among the strongest in the variety of industries. In addition to delivering health and convenient products to consumers, we deliver variety. We produce, distribute and market a myriad of different products. Our diverse product portfolio is united by quality — all our products are effective, great tasting and nutritious — and brand equity, the combination of reputation and consumer trust.


    Our portfolio of great brands and products help us deliver on our vision: Enriching and Refreshing Lives of all the people of the World!

  • Bilberry Anthocyanin


    Red Color

    Yellow Color

    Blackcurant Anthocyanin




    Goji Extract

  • Fagopyritol Drink

    Jasmine Tea


    Omega-3 Powder Drink

    Woolon Tea


    Corn Juice

    Ice Wine

    White Tea

  • Canned Maize

    Omega Blend  Oil

    Whole Fresh Produce

    Canned Vegetable

    Sunflower Seed Oil

    FD Vegetable

    Peanut Oil

    Fish & Shrimp

    Frozen Fruits

  • De-ionized AJC

    De-ionized Pear Juice Concentrate

    Apricot Puree Concentrate

    Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate

    Pineapple Juice Concentrate

    Yellow Peach Puree Concentrate

    Carrot Juice Concentrate

    Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

    Goji Juice Concentrate

  • Fruit C Diapers

    Funny-Cubs Training Pants

    Silkily Thin Diapers

    Fruit C Training Pants

    Silkily Thin Diapers

    Silkily Soft Training Pants

    Funny-Cubs Diapers

    Silkily Thin Trainning Pants

    Adult Diapers

  • OF Field Crops

    OF Vegetable

    OF Field Crops

    OF Fruits and Vegetable

    Release-controlled Fertilizer

    Soil Conditioner

    OF Fruit Trees

    Microbial Fertilizer

    NCI Pesticide Cleaner

  • Kulun Buckwheat

    Healthy Mutton


    Fructus Forsythiae

    Kulun Millet


    Fatty Acid Calcium

    Healthy Beef

    Dendrobium Officinale

    Feed-grade Inositol



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  • According to the latest data released by the world health organization on the 23rd, the number of confirmed COVID 19 cases outside China reached 251,329.

    According to the WTO's daily outbreak report, the number of confirmed covid-19 cases outside China increased by 40,685 to 251,329 as of 10:00pm central European time (17:00 GMT) on Tuesday. The number of deaths outside China increased by 1,718 from the previous day to 11,234.Globally, the number of confirmed COVID 19 cases increased by 40,788 to 332,930. 

    68 2020-03-27
  • ECMO (extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation system) can replace lung and heart functions.

    The joint prevention and control mechanism of the state council of China held a press conference on COVID 19 epidemic prevention and control and medical treatment on March 24. According to Wang Guiqiang, chief physician of the department of infectious diseases at Peking University first hospital, ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation system) is a combination of artificial lung and artificial heart, 

    50 2020-03-27
  • US and British medical experts: Anosmia is an important symptom of a novel coronavirus infection.

    Anosmia is an important symptom of a novel coronavirus infection and the patients with it should be considered for "self-isolation and testing," the otolaryngological association said in a statement. The American society of otolaryngological head and neck surgery (AAO-HNS) also recommends that anosmia and taste disorders be included in the screening list for novel coronavirus.

    29 2020-03-27
  • Us FDA: approved Gilead's approval of an orphan drug.

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on its website on March 23 that the FDA approved Gilead inc. 's Ridsiwe orphan drug for the treatment of COVID - 19. An orphan drug is a pharmaceutical preparation specifically designed to treat a rare disease, itself known as an orphan disease. Most importantly, the United States provides a fast-track to new drug applications for orphan drugs, with a variety of accelerated review policies for clinical trial applications.

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