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The Fagopyritol Powder  Drink  by Gold Monte is made from Kunlun Buckwheat, which is originated in Kulun county, China,  the "hometown of buckwheat in China", with the typical geographical conditions and cultivation methods. It is tasteful, rich in proteins, vitamins, and mineral trace elements. The annual sowing area is stable at about 32,000 hectares with top 1 planting area and output in China. In 2012, it was approved by the National General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine as a protected product by National Geographical Indication .


Technical Support
This product mainly relies on the Food Institute of Jiangnan University, Chnia, which has a high reputation in the field of food science and engineering at home and abroad, with profound theoretical foundation and research and development ability.


Technology Advantage
The Natural Medicine and Food Project Team of the Food Institute of Jiangnan university, has been committed to the research and development of functional food. In view of the situation of buckwheat production, this team developed a health-care product based on buckwheat extracts, in form of blood-glucose-reducing granules after years of research. It is made with natural pollution-free "sweet buckwheat” as raw materials. The effective components in combination state is released with the unique way of pretreatment, then, then is extracted, separated and concentrated to become sweet buckwheat extracts. Then, after spraying( added with auxiliary granules) and drying, the finished product is made ready.


Safe with Significant Effects
Sweet buckwheat and its extracts have obvious effect of lowering fasting blood glucose in diabetic patients. Unlike those western medicines curing high blood glucose, it has no bad side effects to health.


Safe in Serving
Sweet buckwheat and its extracts are natural health care products. Long serving is very safe, no worry about toxic and side effects.


Product Advantage


Product Efficacy & Working Theory
Chiral inositol (D-Chiro-Inositol), a subclass of sugar compound found in sweet buckwheat, is an important component of inositol phosphoglucan, the second messenger of insulin. It cannot be synthesized directly in the body but can only be obtained by exogenous means.It can effectively regulate blood sugar, improve diabetes symptoms (especially the type Ⅱ).DCI is a stereoisomer of inositol. As an insulin receptor sensitizer, DCI can effectively promote insulin function, reduce blood glucose and blood triglyceride levels.DCI plays an important role in the type conduction of insulin, the only  of blood glucose reducing hormone. The lack of DCI in the body will lead to insulin resistance. Therefore, DCI supplementation can improve the sensitivity of body tissues to insulin, eliminate insulin resistance, regulate the physiological function and metabolic balance of the body, fundamentally solving the root cause of insulin resistance, thus reducing the incidence of diabetes.

Functional Components

The flavonoids in buckwheat are mainly rutin, which is rich in content. Rutin can affect the function of the beta cells in insulin, promoting the secretion of insulin, thereby lowering blood glucose. Meanwhile, flavonoids in buckwheat can also regulate blood pressure and strengthen blood vessels, which can prevent and cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Fagopyritol in buckwheat is a sensitizing agent of insulin receptor, which can eliminate the resistance from the surrounding tissues to insulin and fundamentally regulate the physiological function and metabolic balance of the body, so it has significant effect on diabetes and its complications.

Buckwheat contains a lot of polysaccharides, which can significantly boost immunity and reduce blood glucose. And the starch polysaccharides in buckwheat belong to a special resistant starch, this starch can not be digested in the small intestine, so it can prevent blood glucose rise so to avoid hyperglycemia.


Taking methods and dosage: Refer to product packaging
Suitable Consumers: Diabetic and patients suffering High Blood Pressure, High Blood Glucose and High  triglycerides 

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