Gold Monte Industrial Development Co., Ltd.



Product Description
1. Structure: the backrests and cushions are made of mesh fabrics and the frames can be connected to each other.

2. Seat cushions: Taiwan "IDA" high-quality nylon mesh fabrics are applied for basic materials with strong tear strength and light resistance meeting the national standards. The transverse and longitudinal tensile strength of the fabrics is of 8kg/cm and the transverse and longitudinal breaking strength is 12kg/cm.

3.  Metal frames: The main frames are made of metal tubes of 19 * 1.5 mm whose surface is treated with  electrostatic spraying. The electroplating metal structure is composed of double nickel chrome( NI8um/min, cass)undergoing processes like continuous spray for 16 hours, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and polishing. Co2 shielded welding technique is applied to all the welding points.
4. Seat splint: the load bearing parts of the splints are made of 16mm nine-layer plywood, and the plate can bear pressure up to 300KG.

5. Armrest:  made of PP and GF  with injection molding. Armrests can bear the vertical static pressure of 136kg up and horizontal tension of 68kg up.The base of armrest is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is polished and electroplated. The armrests can pass the destructive test with 45kg in horizontal tension and 90kg in vertical tension for 1 minute.

6. Sponge: The "East Asia"  environment-friendly high-density shaping sponge from Hong Kong is adopted with ensity at KG/M3 and resilience up to 95%.